Justine Brisson

Do it with passion or not at all

On my way to understand customer experience trends in the SaaS world and the customer journey to success.
Digital marketing devotee, tech maniac, travel addict, comics, series and history lover.
Happy Berliner and proud vegetarian.
Gender & Media curious.

French, born & raised

In 2011, I was admitted at the CELSA - the graduate school of Information and Communication of La Sorbonne - Paris IV.
I happily studied digital media and communication strategy while keeping a broad education and understanding on social, economic and political topics.

West Coast, my love

In 2013, I left Paris for L.A. Occidental College has just hired to be its French teaching assistant for the academical year. Over there, I focused on Cultural Studies and wrote on media uses and representations of gender. I also made this year abroad the year of foreign languages: German, Italian, modern Arabic, all at once - and it was a bliss.

Ich bin eine Berlinerin

When I came back in Paris to finish my degree, I knew I would not stay long. In February 2015, I dropped my suitcase in Berlin and started a 6-month internship: blogging, content marketing and SEO in the French team of the Bonial Group (Kauf-da).

Selamat pagi Indonesia

In August 2015, I moved to Jakarta to be Social Media and Content Marketing manager at HappyFresh, a start-up that just got the biggest series A rounds in South East Asia at the time. I worked with teams across Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and the Philippines. The human and work experience were really priceless.

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar

Since April 2016, I'm back in one of the coolest city in the world. I finally emptied my suitcase (for a while at least) and I started a new path in SaaS service and customer success at Market Logic Software.